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Customers Say

After practicing with your software, for a few days, I already noticed a huge difference with my leading. Since recently, I don't have to count anymore to stay on the right beat. Actually, I can feel now when I'm off after few phrases. It depends of the songs of course, some being harder to hear than other.
- Franky Chevalier, North Chelmsford, Massachusetts

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Compact Mode Compact mode
Automatic Key Control Change musical key knob
Merengue Machine Merengue machine
Piano Keyboard Piano keyboard display


Salsa Rhythm is a software packages that combines essential software components and resources for Salsa dance students who want to master Salsa Timing, Beat Finding and Musical Instrument identification. Based on a sophisticated sound engine, the Salsa Rhythm Software will help the you to develop better timing, learn about different key instruments involved in Salsa compositions, and improve your ability to execute your dance patterns better while developing concepts of musicality.

Main Features

  • Includes both Salsa Music and Merengue Music
  • Interact with instruments to train your ears to distinguish each instrument
  • Practice your timing On-1 and On-2
  • Combine and arrange instruments to create different salsa tunes, including a human voice counting the beats of the music.
  • Record your own arrangements and save them to a file for playing later on your portable iPod/MP3 player.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP, 2003, Vista or Windows 7
  • Flash Player ActiveX version 10.1 (download here for free)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 (download here for free)
  • Intel or AMD CPU with speed of 1.5GHZ or better, 1GB RAM or better.

What's included?

  • 21 different piano patterns, 11 Bass patterns, 28 percussion patterns including Clave, Tumbao, Guaguancó, Cáscara, Rumba, Caballo, Danzón and more
  • Beat count display + instructor voice counting the beats On-1 and On-2
  • Control the tempo (BPM), key and the volume of each individual instrument
  • Visualizer window to illustrate the conga/clave patterns visually
  • Automatic control for periodically changing the musical key
  • Piano keyboard display for figuring out the notes and melody
  • Unique mini-window/transparent window modes for using with other software and instructional videos

How to get it ?

You can get a free copy of the Salsa Rhythm Software by donating to the Salsa Beat Machine project. All donors are eligible for a free copy of the Salsa Rhythm Software, including one year of free upgrades.

You can initiate the donation process by clicking any of the following buttons. Your donations support the Salsa Beat Machine project and also the Timing Videos we publish on youtube. After donating, you should receive your personal download link in email. You can also contact us at

* Donations are done through PayPal.

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